Making the Connection: Success with Publishers, Clients and Readers Through Consciousness, Creativity and Communication 

We all want to be more successful but what does that mean? Often what we mean by success is happiness with ourselves and the ability to reach others with our desires, ideas and needs. Through skills ranging from ancient mindfulness practices to modern neuroscientific understanding of creativity; from how to use your voice to how to present your body, come on a journey of discovery about yourself and your relationships with others and see the difference that a connection can make. 


The complete person: Understanding the mind/body relationship with mindfulness and meditation 

Being Boss: How to act like a leader in your field through clear body language 

Your First 100 Days: How to make an impression in a new environment 

The Mind Journey: How to Create Stories and Characters that will Always Ring True 

We all play different parts every day, changing our voice, behaviour and attitude to meet the needs of our audience – it’s what makes humans effective communicators in a way that no other animal can manage – but what does that mean for the “people” we create? Could you create realistic personas that work in a range of situations like real people? Learn to delve into the secrets of the characters mind in a way that people believe in them. Learn to use personality, depth psychology and body language to create the best possible and most effective version of your characters for unending realism in your work. 


Finding Neutral: What it means to not give off symbols 

Audience Perception: How do people “see” your character? 

Everything’s Emotional: Effective understanding of human interaction 

Finding the Words: Dialogue that Gives Insight

All the Mind’s a Stage: How Theatre and Performance have Shaped Our Very Reality.

For literally thousands of years, people have stood up, moved away from the crowd and told stories. We have in turns celebrated them, despised them, paid them and made them illegal, yet all the while the effect of theatre and performance has been entwined with our very lives. Find out how our societies created the theatre of their time, but also how theatre made its mark on its watchers, even going as far as to change culture itself. Along the way there are lessons about how we can use the same techniques that have been employed by actors since 40,000 BCE to understand ourselves and the world we live in. A mix of theatre history, philosophy and self-help, you will develop an understanding of how theatre made all of us and could change our world in the future. 


The Persona: From Greek masks to suits and ties 

Homo Histrionus: Man the Actor

YouTube Heroes and What They Tell us about Ourselves

We are the hero in our own epics

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