Is the Mind Your Enemy or Your Friend?

The Buddha once asked that very question and the answer he came with is very interesting to those who want to raise their consciousness or understand their own mind. Mindfulness, whether you believe it’s a quick-cash-cow or a serious spiritual business (a contradiction in terms!) is,on the whole, pretty effective. It’s also widely misunderstood as […]

Are You Happy? What are you Even Measuring?

Happiness: it’s a multi-billion pound industry and it’s held up as everything from the cure for cancer to the reason for being alive. We go on courses, read books, strive and fight and compete and struggle and no matter what we possess, whatever we win, no matter how far we come in life, if we […]

Which Show Are You Watching? How We Make Our Thoughts Come True (and what we can do about it).

When the director of a theatre performance creates a show, they should always sit in more than one seat. That’s the advice I used to give acting students who wondered why I would dart around the auditorium like a coked-up bluebottle during every scene. In a 500 seat theatre, you’re making 500 different performances, as […]