Loving the Couch: 10 Ways that Freud can Add Depth to your Characters

There are a few images so ingrained in our culture that they’re never likely to leave and one of them is therapy couch with the bearded, cigar smoking chap in a comfy leather chair saying (with a vaguely racist accent) Zo, tell me about your muzzerr… Like all stereotypical images, there is a grain of truth there but few psychologists relate […]

No Such Thing as a Baddie

When I was teaching acting to undergraduates I sometimes had in-depth conversations with them about their characters. Although there are many kinds of acting, including the purely physical and representative, there are some that really like to roll their sleeves up and get to grips with objectives, with motivation, with all the things that makes […]

Why Your Talent is Like a House of Cards

When I was young I decided I wanted to beat a world record – lots of us did and I blame Roy Castle (80’s UK reference!). I’d seen these titans of talent on the TV and narrowed down my potential prodigiousness to beer mat flipping, pogo stick jumping or whisking away a tablecloth to leave […]