With our thoughts we make the world

– Gautama Buddha

In the pursuit of art that truly connects with people, we cannot escape one truth: If we, as humans, have thoughts, genetics and experiences that make up who we are, then our characters have to as well. Unless the work is truly an abstraction, the population of our imaginary worlds are driven by objectives, motivations; fears and desires. If we study ourselves and the people around us, then truly our fantastical friends can come to a living, breathing existence. By recognising this in ourselves, we can come to personal growth,

Psych4Creatives was born out of a desire to help other creatives in their journeys. Being an artist of any kind is hard, whether you work in advertising, copy-writing, blogging, corporate training or are a more traditional tortured artist. Not only do we need help with our work – and I believe the human mind is the basis for all of that – but we need help in understanding our own personalities, drives, levels of resilience, and the ability to connect with others and ourselves.

Creativity takes courage.

– Henri Matisse

It is my fond hope that through sharing my experiences and learning with other creatives, that we can all grow together and keep our lives and our art enriched, enlivened and world-changing.

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