To Play the Actor, Embrace Silliness

Acting is ridiculous. Grown people strutting about the stage in all sorts of fancy get-up and pretending to be other people. Not to mention all the playing at being trees and trying to enact the jealousy of the wind through interpretive arm flapping. Its puerile, its lamentably pathetic, its… its childish! The idea of childishness [...]

Happiness and Other Fictions

You can’t go to a bookshop, blog site or social media page without a queue of gurus telling you how to find happiness and keep it. They might use special mystical code-words like “bliss” or “joy” or “abundance” but they’re mostly the same message: I can make you happy with my special powers that I [...]

Whisper Above the Shouting: Using the Voice to Be Heard

In a previous post, I explored some of the ideas behind taking control of the breath. One of the key reasons for this, particularly in high-stress situations, is so that the voice can be modulated properly. Let's take a look at some the ways you can use your voice to be a more effective communicator. [...]

Breath: Your ‘Root’ to Success

Be more confident, they yell, as if such a thing were possible at the flick of a switch. Few people ever respond with the question that really makes a difference; How? One starting point is the breath - a reliable root to stability and assuredness, that is easy to utilise, available to all and very [...]

Look into my Eyes…..

One of the most fundamental ways we socialise is through the eyes. It has been suggested that the reason that humans have whites in their eyes (as for example apes do not) is that knowledge of where someone is looking is crucial to developing trust and therefore social relationships. Connect with People Through Eye Contact  [...]