Positive Psychology is sometimes criticised for over thinking and for really over-reaching on the claim that thought can lead to manifestation. The worst of these claims, in my opinion, is usually wrapped up in the abundance nonsense about how really wishing for something can bring it into your life. Talk about the domain of the over-privileged…. This book is completely different though. Written by a professor of psychology with millions of book sales to his name already, this takes the positive thinking model and turns it on its head. It also carries echoes of some of my research based on the work of Konstantin Stanislavski and many others. See my post on the Magic If…. In this book, action speaks WAY louder than thoughts, no matter how positive those thoughts are.

PAGES: 371

WHO SHOULD READAnyone that wants to understand the psychological truth behind the phrase “fake it ’til you make it”

BEST BIT: The practical tasks and quizzes that force you to be less passive in your reading and have you start taking action from the moment you pick up the book to a point way beyond when you’ve finished reading it

WHAT NEXT: Watch Amy Cuddy‘s TEDTalk on Body Language and how it impacts your psychology. It has had its critics but she has hit back regularly and defended the work

BUY: Here


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