All the way back at the dawn of time, the gods came together to review their latest creation. And they weren’t all happy; not in the least

“This ‘human’ is an entertaining sort,” said one, “I do like their spirit…”

“Indeed,” said laughed another “nothing seems to stop their exploration of the world we have made. They even talk about ‘conquering’ it.”

“Well, I’m worried,” said a third “they may find the secret if they keep up this curiosity.”

The others were horrified!

“That would be terrible!” cried one “then they would know…”

“…and become like we are!” finished another.

They talked and fretted and worried and whined until one exclaimed:

“We must hide the secret; tuck it away forever where they will never find it!”

The others agreed and decided that they would each think of a place to put the secret and prevent humans from ever finding it and becoming as powerful as them.

The first took the secret to a mountain range and put it at the highest peak.

“No,” the others “humans will surely one day reach these heights.”

The second took it to the bottom of the ocean and placed it on the deepest bed.

“No,” said the others “humans will surely one day reach these depths.”

The third took the secret to the farthest shore and placed it on the remotest beach.

“No,” said the others “humans will surely one day sail this far.”

The fourth, thinking themselves clever and beyond the ambitions of even the cleverest human, took it to the moon.

Others stood in admiration and beamed in delight at their intellect and guile.

“No,” said one though “humans will go far beyond that which even we can dream is in their power.”

So they took the secret and placed it where they thought no human would ever look, no matter how far their ambition reached.

Time passed, as it often does, and humans did indeed climb the highest mountains using their strength, plunge to the bottom of the oceans using their endurance, reach the furthest shore using their tenacity and fly to the moon using their wit, yet everywhere humans looked they never found what they were looking for. People are still trying and there may be no limit to what they can achieve when they look out towards the stars.

The secret can been found though and there have been a few people who have. People who don’t need to climb high, swim low, sail far and reach the moon. Regular people. People like you and I. Sometimes these people realise there’s only one place the secret can possibly be.

I can tell you if you want, but I think you already know…

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